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Room Number : M19-20
Floor : MF
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Description :
Occupying a total of 300 square metres and designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, the Prada store carries ready-to-wear, bags and accessories collections for both women and men. The storefront opening features alternating light boxes and windows with polished steel profiles set in a black marble cladding.
The interior is subdivided in three polygonal rooms and defined by the elements that mark Prada's stores worldwide with walls covered in the traditional pale green cloth and carpet flooring alternating with the elegant black and white chequered marble floor at the entrance.
The women's collections area exudes elegance with precious materials on the display niches, saffiano leather in cera colour and green fabric, large mirrors and crystal display counters.
The men's collections area, characterised by rosewood and polished steel profiles, is embellished with castorino-coloured velvet seats and black saffiano and crystal counters.
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