Welcome to The New Normal Innovative Lifestyle

According to the government's measures against the spread of coronavirus, ONESIAM is ready to welcome all the customers to comfortably enjoy shopping with us again. Kindly find the summary of the measures below.

Before coming in Shopping Mall
· Strict Screening at Every Entrance and Exit
· Temperature & Health Check, Alcohol Gel for Confident Touch 
· Scan QR Code for Registration
· Any Pathogen Eliminated Prior to Entry

During in Shopping Mall
· Temperature Check and Hand Sanitization before Entering a Shop
· SMART SHOPPING with Friendly ONESIAM Mobile Application
· Social Distancing Integrated to Every Service for Safety, in restrooms, while queuing
· After Trial, Clothes are Separated and Disinfected
· Dining with Confidence Thanks to Social Distancing
· Be Two Steps Away from Other Escalator Users
· Smart Robot Provides Smart Clean Throughout the Day
· Door Openers to Curb the Need to Touch
· Cashless Payment System
· Number of Customers Limited to Prevent Crowding

Staffs and internal officers help check and management
· Stringent Screenings for Staff PLUS Self-Checked Measure During the Day
· Deliverymen Care
· All Service Zones & Prayer Rooms are Safe

After opening hours end
· After opening hours end, UVC ROBOT begins its operation to kill viruses and
· Pathogens throughout the compound. The operation can wipe out germs in 4 to 10 minutes.
· AIROFOG, activated outside opening hours, eliminates pathogens in 10 minutes.
· Clean and refreshing air thanks to washed air handing units and anti-pathogen enzyme coating on their coils

We are now ready to put a smile on your face, as we deliver new and superior experiences every day.

ONESIAM 暹罗商圈欢迎各位到创造崭新的生活方式,准备迎接正常营业的来到。
“封城”政策快结束,可说泰国疫情已经逐渐而不断地转好,政府以及各个组织都已经准备好重新营业,但也小心翼翼、慢慢走向正常情况, 然而也根据政府的规定措施我们 ONESIAM 暹罗商圈 (含暹罗百丽宫 Siam Paragon、暹罗中心 Siam Center、暹罗探索 Siam Discovery)都积极的合作参加。    为了保证顾客的安全和健康,我们会将“新常态”安全措施都严密实施,一个不落!


1. 进入购物中心之前
· 在所有的出入口进行严格把控筛查,测量体温后方可进入, 需用消毒液洗手
· 扫描二维码登记注册 ( 中国顾客必须 关注微信并立即注册国际旅客优惠卡为进入购物中心的)
· 进入商场前,消灭一切细菌

2. 在购物中心,购物和用餐之时
·ONESIAM暹罗商圈手机应用程序进行智能购物 (具有中文版)
· 注意保持社交距离,以保证安全, 排队时,请注意保持安全距离
· 控制客流人数,避免人流拥堵
· 搭乘扶梯时,保持两层间隔,非接触性开门装置,减少风险,确保安全
· 衣服分类,试穿后进行消毒
· 用餐保持间距,吃得放心安心
· 使用洗手间时,注意间隔距离
· 支持无现金支付

3. 保护并确认内部人员的安全健康
· 智能机器人,全天候保持清洁卫生
· 员工严格筛查,并做好自我检查工作
· 关心和保证送货员的安全和健康

4. 关门后的种种清洁措施
· 关门后,开启UVC机器人可在4-10分钟内杀死该区域的病毒和细菌
· 关门后,开启AIROFOG消毒喷雾器可在10分钟内消灭病毒和细菌
· 用酶类消毒剂对所有空气处理机组的线圈进行杀菌消毒,让你呼吸到的每一口空气,都是干净新鲜的。