A spectacular show with auspicious number 99 that will bring prosperity to everyone with the light of glory.

Welcoming the Chinese New Year 2020 with prosperity and glory from a variety of auspicious activities.

According to the beliefs of the Chinese and the Thai of Chinese descent, year 2020 is considered the Year of the Golden Rat. This will only come around once in 60 years, it is considered a symbol of a new beginning during the auspicious time.

And.. Believe us! Siam Paragon is prepared to organize a full of auspicious activities together with the auspicious numbers. To bring prosperity to everyone in the light of glory. While also creating such colorful atmosphere for your shopping experiences like never before with our event “Siam Paragon Chinese New Year 2020 : The Infinite Prosperity” During 23rd – 26th January 2020 from 18.00 onwards at Park Paragon, Siam Paragon.

Exclusive Acrobatic Show

2 acrobat groups from China who have won awards worldwide. They are ready to create the happiness moments for Thai people during the Chinese New Year festival.

For the first time in Thailand, with a new style of acrobatics by the Dalian Acrobatic Troupe, a well-known acrobat group founded in 1952. With strict training following the inherited tradition and methods for over half a century.

The special blessing show "Hand-to-Hand Acrobatics" from the Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe, a show with such delicate, beautiful, but with the strength of the body from hard training resulting the perfect performance.

Performance of "The Infinite Prosperity"

Ending the show with a special guest appearance with a surprise show from a group of Chinese lions and golden dragons. To give endless happiness to everyone during the Chinese New Year Celebration.

23 Jan: Meet “Boy Pakorn Chatborirak and Chippy Sirin Preediyanon” One of the most talk-about couple duo at this moment.
24 Jan: Get close with all-time favorite actor “Mario Maurer”
25 Jan: Have fun with “Off Jumpol and Gun Uttapol” 2 hot guys from the famous series.
26 Jan: Get lucky with lead actor “James Mar”

The Real Golden Dragon

Rehabilitation auspicious celebration Chinese New Year Festival Golden Rat Year With the dragon dance, climbing the Mei flower pole. “The one and only in Thailand, Real golden dragon group”. From a group of golden dragon lions, with auspicious ball guaranteed from the 3-time winning of the Royal Cup trophy from Princess Sirindhorn, and prizes from many domestic and international competitions.

The golden dragon is 99 meters long, not only is the dragon made from the real gold to promote the fortune and prosperity, the number 99 is an auspicious number that means progress and has sacred objects for protection.

Auspicious Lions

Watch the auspicious lion dance, with 3 lions from 3 ancient periods with as many as 99 lions, where Siam Paragon has been collecting for everyone to see. Get ready to receive the power of the lion army and the auspicious numbers 99 together as closely as possible.

Ancient lions raised their mouths up, made from ponytail horse hair. Currently very little remaining

Lions with raised face, made from fleece. Or a giant face made of fleece. The overall look is more contemporary.

Lions made from fleece, with mouth like a duckbill. And the hair is made of wool.

Lucky Charms

Special! For all our important customers, just spend 500 baht at Siam Paragon. Bring the receipts to exchange for the card with a writing wish, blessing for good luck. To be hung in the tree of wealth.

And for the first 500 people of the day. Receive lucky turbines to bring luck, increase wealth and increase auspiciousness to your life. All turbines have also been performed by consecration from the famous Che Kung Kong Temple of Hong Kong Island.

This Chinese New Year, come to watch the spectacular show with the auspicious number 99 that will bring prosperity to welcome the Golden Rat Year at "Siam Paragon Chinese New Year 2020: The Infinite Prosperity" on 23rd – 26th January 2020 from 18.00 onwards at Park Paragon, Siam Paragon Shopping Center.