Siam Paragon Golden Prosperous Chinese New Year 2024 with Lin Yi

Excitingly emphasizing the grandeur of the Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon!
Siam Paragon is preparing to delight fans with a chance to get close to Chinese actor Lin Yi in the FAN ZONE at the Siam Paragon Golden Prosperous Chinese New Year 2024: The Greatest Year of The Dragon' event. This event offers three opportunities to win!

Opportunity 1
Format 1: Shop at participating stores in Siam Paragon, spend 2,000 Baht or more, and get 1 standing ticket* *(limited to 160 privileges/day), only during 1 Feb’24 - 3 Feb’24
Format 2: Exchange 50 ONESIAM Coins via ONESIAM SuperApp and get 1 standing ticket** (limited to 100 privileges), Only during 1 Feb’24 - 3 Feb’24
*/**Limited to 1 privilege/person throughout the event via any channel.

Check the participating shops, click

Special! Get more chances to enter the FAN ZONE and participate in exclusive activities with Lin Yi.

Opportunity 2: Stand a chance to attend the press conference and participate in the photo group session on February 8th at 14:30 at SCBX NEXT STAGE, SCBX NEXT TECH Zone, 4th floor, Siam Paragon (limited to 100 privileges).

Opportunity 3: Winners from Opportunity 2 also get a chance to receive special prizes from Lin Yi (limited to 20 privileges).

Steps to Redeem
1. The privilege redemption period is from February 1, 2024, to February 3, 2024  at the ONESIAM SuperApp booth on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon’s SCBX NEXT TECH from 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM and is limited to one privilege/person/campaign/across all channels.
(*Limited to 160 privileges per day for receipt redemption and
**Limited to 100 privileges throughout the promotion for privileges redeemed through the ONESIAM SuperApp)
2. Privilege redemption can be done at the ONESIAM SuperApp booth on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon’s SCBX NEXT TECH from 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM, or until the privileges are fully redeemed, to participate in the scheduled activities.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*Conditions for Receipt Presentation to Redeem Privileges: 
1. The name of the purchaser specified on the receipt must match the person redeeming the privilege.
2. Privilege redemption must be done in person and cannot be delegated or transferred to others under any circumstances.
3. Receipts used for this promotion cannot be used to redeem other promotions within Siam Paragon.
4. Present a receipt from participating stores within Siam Paragon of 2,000 THB or more on the same day of purchase to redeem a wristband at the ONESIAM SuperApp booth on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon’s SCBX NEXT TECH from 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM.
5. Limited to 160 privileges/day for receipt redemption, and limited to 100 privileges from ONESIAM SuperApp, totaling 580 privileges throughout the promotion.
6. Verify participating stores at the REDEMPTION point.
7. The right to refuse participation is reserved for tax invoices/receipts issued in the name of the company, tax invoices/receipts without receipt numbers, electronic tax invoices/receipts, copies of receipts, purchase of one item with multiple separate receipts, receipts issued before the opening hours of the shopping center, receipts from non-participating stores, purchase of gift cards or store credit cards from various stores, receipts from online purchases, receipts with partial or full payment by credit note/account credit/payment on credit/store credit, prepayment for goods, partial or full payment for goods returned or exchanged, reservation receipts, partial payment for goods, and all types of deposit payments.
8. The right to refuse participation is reserved for those who provide complete documentation, including receipts from participating stores, their ID card, credit card, and credit card sales slip (if payment is made by credit card), or proof of payment (if payment is made through other payment channels).
9. Business owners, store employees, and employees of affiliated companies are not eligible to participate in any sales promotion within the company. The right to cancel the privilege redemption or to recall and suspend rewards is reserved in all cases if the specified conditions are found to be violated.
10. In the event of product returns after redeeming promotional privileges, the shopping center reserves the right to cancel the aforementioned privilege redemption. Additionally, the center reserves the right to recall or suspend the rewards received without prior notification.
11. In cases where it is found that the privileged recipient is not the actual purchaser indicated on the receipt, Siam Paragon reserves the right to cancel participation in the sales promotion or to cancel the redemption of rewards in all cases.
12. For further inquiries, please contact ONESIAM CALL CENTER at 02-111-6161 email:
13. You can find additional privacy policy details at

**Conditions for Claiming Privileges on the ONESIAM SuperApp
1. You can claim the voucher from February 1, 2024, to February 3, 2024, from 11.00 AM to 9.00 PM, or until 100 privileges are fully claimed.
2. The voucher is valid from February 1, 2024, to February 3, 2024. You can present the voucher on the ONESIAM SuperApp to receive the wristband at the ONESIAM SuperApp booth on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon’s SCBX NEXT TECH from 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM.
3. The privilege redemption reserves the right for the staff at the redemption point to be the only ones to use the voucher.

*/**Terms and Conditions for Receiving Benefits at the Press Conference:
1. The name of the buyer specified on the receipt must match the person who redeemed the benefits.
2. The right to redeem benefits is non-transferable, and recipients must personally claim the privileges themselves.
3. Benefit recipients will receive the wristband screened order number from 1 to 100, entering the press conference and photo group session will be based on the assigned wristband number. More benefits for the recipients number 1 to 20 for the special prize LIN YI. The wristband order will be random through a successful confirmation of the benefit redemption. Reservation of rights is made for those who present complete documentation beforehand.
4. On the press conference day, February 8, 2024, the recipients should proceed to the stand-by area according to the wristband order from 13:00 PM to 14:00 PM at the ONESIAM SuperApp booth in the SCBX NEXT TECH Zone on the 4th floor of Siam Paragon.
5. Benefit recipients must present a wristband and national ID card or a passport photo (for international attendees) to join the activity.
6. The name of benefit recipients must match the name on the wristband and national ID card or a passport photo (for international attendees).
7. If the wristband is lost or damaged, the company reserves the right to cancel participation in the event.
8. The right is reserved for registered individuals to participate in the activity in person only. Transfers to others, changes, exchanges for cash, and/or other prizes are strictly prohibited.

*/** Terms and Conditions for Participation:
1. Limited to one privilege per person throughout the event (across all channels).
2. Privilege recipients will receive the wristband and the entry sequence will be marked on the band, ranking from 1-580. The sequence is determined by a random draw after confirming the privilege. The privilege is reserved for individuals who present complete documentation in advance.
3. The event will take place on Thursday, February 8, 2024. Participants with the wristband should stand by according to the sequence on the wristband to enter the event area from 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM at Parc Paragon, with the gates opening at 5.00 PM.
4. Privilege recipients must present a wristband and either an ID card or a passport (for foreigners) to participate in the event.
5. The name of the privilege recipient must match the name of the participant on the wristband and the ID card.
6. In case the wristband is lost or damaged to the extent that the privilege cannot be verified, the company reserves the right to cancel participation.
7. Participants must register for the privilege and join the event in person. Transferring, altering, and/or exchanging for cash, and/or exchanging for other rewards are strictly prohibited.
8. Cameras for photography are allowed.
9. Cheer signs or A4-sized cheer fabrics are allowed.
10. Bringing foldable chairs, camera tripods, and selfie sticks to the event is prohibited.
11. Gifting flowers or presents to the artists is not allowed.
12. Bringing food into the event area is prohibited, except for bottled water.
13. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
14. In case of disputes, the company’s decision is final.
15. Weapons or weapon-like items are not allowed within the shopping center area.
16. Internal disputes are strictly prohibited. In case of any disturbances or disagreements, the organizers reserve the right to immediately escort individuals out of the area.
17. Please take care of and safeguard your property. The event organizers are not responsible for any loss.
18. Please maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding area.
19. Rewards cannot be changed, exchanged, or redeemed for cash.
20. The company reserves the right to change the event duration, participation methods, prizes, and conditions without prior notice.
21. The company reserves the right to change, modify, and/or adjust the mechanisms and methods of this event, as well as the terms and conditions and other related aspects of the rewards, at its sole discretion, without prior notice.
22. Conditions are as determined by the company.
23. For the benefit of participants, participants agree to grant clear consent to the company to collect and use user data for marketing, public relations, communication, statistics, notifications, or information sent through the screen of mobile devices, email, Short Message Service (SMS), and Multimedia Message Service (MMS). Data collection and usage will be carried out through cookies, cache files, other tracking software, Line programs, or user-provided information.
24. The company reserves the right to use the names, images, and other information of prize recipients for public relations purposes without any compensation and prior notice.



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千万不要错过! 202428日至11日期间,暹罗百丽宫举办盛大的“2024年暹罗百丽宫金色繁荣最强龙年春节活动,与您一起庆祝农历新年,隆重迎接龙年。呈现精彩的中国艺术文化,共同见证龙年八大奇迹。一同崇拜神灵增添吉祥福顺,中泰两国知名艺人共襄盛举。免费开放观看,更有大型促销活动迎合消费者。迎接吉祥龙年,传递幸福卓越体验。




方式1:于暹罗百丽宫购物中心参与活动的商店内购物满2,000泰铢以上/单据,即可获赠 1 份名额*(站位票)
*(每天仅限 160 个名额,整个活动仅限 480 个名额)
方式2:通过ONESIAM SuperApp应用程序兑换50ONESIAM币,获得1个名额**(站位票)
**(整个活动仅限 100 个名额)



第二重:有机会获取参加于28日,下午14:30,在暹罗百丽宫四层SCBX NEXT TECH SCBX Next Stage 区举行的发布会权益,并与林一合影集体照,仅限 100个名额。


1. 领取时间:限202421日至202423日,整个活动期间每人仅限兑换1个权益(包括所有渠道)。
*线下活动限 160 个奖品/天,出示收据以兑换权益;**线上活动限 100 个奖品//整个活动/ ONESIAM SuperApp应用上领取权益券)
2. 202421日至202423日,于 11:00 - 22:00SCBX NEXT TECH 四层 ONESIAM SuperApp展位兑换参加活动的权益,名额领满即结束,按照规定的时间参加相关活动。

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. 收据上注明的购物者姓名必须与兑换权益者的姓名一致。
2. 须本人亲自兑换权益,任何情况都不可授权他人领取或转让权益给他人。
3. 已用于兑换此活动的收据,不可用于兑换本购物中心的其他促销活动。
4. 参与活动时间仅限于202421日至3日,出示暹罗百丽宫Siam Paragon 购物中心内参加活动商店的收据,2,000 泰铢以上/收据。购物当天内 11:00 -22:00SCBX NEXT TECH 四层ONESIAM SuperApp展位兑换腕带。
5. 每天限160个奖品,整个活动共480个奖品。
6. 在兑换点或扫描二维码查看参与活动的商店。
7. 保留取消参加该活动的以下权利:以公司名义开具的税票/收据;未注明收据号的税票/收据;电子格式的税票/收据;收据复印件;购买 1 件商品但开成多于1张的收据;收据上注明的时间为购物中心营业前的时间;未参与该活动的商店的收据;从各商店购买的礼券或充值卡;通过在线渠道购买商品和服务的收据;使用Credit Note / Account Credit /Payment on Credit / Store Credit支付部分或全部付款的收据;产品预付款;换货或退货的付款或部分付款;产品预订收据;产品的付款未全额支付;以及支付各类产品的押金(DEPOSIT PAYMENT);以交易/批发/商业转售为目的的购买。
8. 保留仅出示完整资料参加促销活动者的权利,包括:来自参与活动商店符合条件的收据、兑换人护照、信用卡和信用卡交易单(用信用卡支付的情况)或付款证明(以其他渠道付款的情况)。
9. 店主、购物中心门店员工、商店连锁企业员工,如果在公司的连锁店内购买产品,不能参加任何促销活动,如果检查发现有违规的情况,保留取消上述兑换权益的权利,或保留在任何情况下收回和取消奖品的权利。
10. 参与促销活动兑换权益后退货的情况,本购物中心保留取消上述兑换权益的权利,或保留收回、取消已收到的奖品权利,恕不另行通知。
11. 检查发现领取权益者并非用于兑换收据的拥有者或产品的实际购买者,本购物中心保留任何情况下取消其参与促销活动或取消奖品兑换的权利。
12. 促销活动的条款和条件以购物中心规定为准。如需了解更多信息,请联系 ONESIAM CALL CENTER 电话:02-111-6161 电子邮件
13. 点击了解更多隐私政策:

*通过ONESIAM SuperApp应用领取权益的条件
1. 参与活动时间仅限于202421-202423日, 11:00 - 21.00期间领取权益券,领满100份名额截止。
2. 权益券有效期为202421-202423日。出示ONESIAM SuperApp应用上权益券,于11:00-22:00SCBX NEXT TECH四层ONESIAM SuperApp展位领取腕带。
3. 仅让兑换点工作人员点击以兑换使用该权益券。

1. 收据上注明的购物者的姓名必须与兑换权益者的姓名一致。
2. 须本人亲自兑换权益,任何情况都不可授权他人领取或转让权益给他人
3. 权益领取者将得到腕带,入场顺序显示在腕带上,腕带上1-100数字编号可进入发布会活动,并可以与林一1-20编号可获得集体照福利。权益领取资格确认后,随机抽取腕带编号顺序,保留提供完整资料者的权利。
4. 发布会时间为202428日星期四,佩戴腕带的人员请按腕带编号顺序等待入场。入场时间:13.00-14.00,地点:暹罗百丽宫四层SCBX NEXT TECHONESIAM SuperApp展位。
5. 权益领取者必须出示腕带、身份证和护照照片(外国人)以参加活动。
6. 兑换权益者的姓名必须与腕带上活动参与者姓名一致,以护照上的姓名为准。
7. 若腕带遗失或损坏以致无法核实权益资格,本公司保留取消其参与活动的权利。
8. 只允许已注册领取权益者本人参加活动,不可转让、更改和/或兑换现金和/或其他奖品。

1. 限兑换1个权益/1人/整个活动(包括所有渠道)。
2. 权益领取者将得到腕带,入场顺序显示在腕带上,腕带上有数字编号1-580,权益领取资格确认后,随机抽取腕带编号顺序,保留提供完整资料者的权利。
3. 举办活动的时间:202428日星期四,佩戴腕带的人员请按腕带编号顺序等待入场,入场时间:16.00 - 17.00,地点:暹罗百丽宫广场 Parc Paragon17.00开放。
4. 权益领取者必须出示腕带和身份证或护照照片(外国人)以参加活动。
5. 兑换权益者的姓名必须与腕带上活动参与者姓名一致,以护照上的姓名为准。
6. 若腕带遗失或损坏以致无法核实权益资格,本公司保留取消其参与活动的权利。
7. 只允许已注册领取权益者本人参加活动,不可转让、更改和/或兑换现金和/或其他奖品。
8. 可携带相机入场。
9. 可携带不超过A4尺寸的助威横幅和助威牌入场。
10. 禁止携带任何尺寸的折叠椅、三脚架、自拍杆入场。
11. 请勿向艺人赠送鲜花或礼物。
12. 请勿携带食物进入活动区域,瓶装水除外。
13. 本公司保留更改条件的权利,恕不另行通知。
14. 如有任何争议,以本公司决定为准。
15. 禁止携带武器或人造武器进入购物中心区域。
16. 请勿在活动上争吵,如果发生任何混乱或争吵,活动组织方将要求您立即离开该区域。
17. 请爱护和保护好自己的财产,如果造成任何损失,活动方不承担任何责任。
18. 请保持活动周边场所整洁。
19. 奖品不能更改/交换/换取金钱。
20. 本公司有权更改活动的时间、活动参与方式、奖品和条件细节和/或任何其他细节。无须提前通知活动参与者,如有任何争议,以本公司决定为准。
21. 公司有权更改、修改和/或调整本活动的机制,以及关于奖品的条件和规定,按照本公司决定为准,恕不另行通知
22. 条件以公司规定为准。
23. 为了保证活动参与者的权益,活动参与者同意本公司收集和使用其用户信息,用于以下目的:市场营销、公共联络、联系、数据统计、通知或发送信息,通过移动设备屏幕、电子邮件、短信(SMS)和彩信(MMS)等,上述信息的收集或使用,将通过CookiesCache File、其他关注追踪软件、Line操作开展,或来源于用户向公司提供的信息。
24. 本公司保留在公共联络中使用获奖者姓名、图像和其他信息的权利,无需支付任何补偿且不需提前告知。