Siam Paragon Golden Prosperous Chinese New Year 2024

Let’s celebrate this Chinese New Year at “Siam Paragon Golden Prosperous Chinese New Year 2024: The Greatest Year of The Dragon” on February 8 - 11, 2024, Parc Paragon, M floor, Siam Paragon

Fascinating experience awaits with the unveiling of ‘8 Wonders of the Year of the Dragon', Siam Paragon and Kasikorn Bank proudly present captivating Chinese art and culture. In addition, indulge in full entertainment with actors from China and Thailand.

Wonder No. 1: The actor from China, “Lin Yi” on 8 February 2024. Meeting with Thai celebrities “Mai-Davika Hoorne”, “Gulf’ Traipipattanapong” and “10 trainees” from Chuang Asia, the first Asian idol survival show, on 10 February 2024.

Miracle No. 2: 'Tranquil Serenity Dragon.' Experience the awe-inspiring art installation of a colossal 6-meter-high pastel dragon crafted by the leading American artist Ken Kelleher.

Miracle No. 3: “Tunnel of Prosperity,” featuring a 72-meter-long dragon at Parc Paragon, as well as an auspicious golden dragon located at the Jewel Zone on the M floor.

Miracle No. 4: Pay respects to the 5-meter-tall replica god Che Kung Miu and get a gold card from Che Kung Temple to enhance good fortune.

Miracle No. 5: An exquisite orchestral performance featuring timeless Chinese songs harmonized with the charming melodies of the guzheng instrument from Thammasat University Symphony Orchestra.

Miracle No. 6: The captivating Chinese cultural performance “Jewel of the Land of the Dragon” by the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe from Shanghai and a swirling "Top Dance”.

Miracle No. 7: Have your fortune read by renowned fortune tellers at the charitable fortune-telling event "Siriwattana Fortune-Telling for the Disabled" taking place from 16-23 February 2024, at the Living Hall on the 3rd floor.

Miracle No. 8: Enjoy special Chinese New Year promotions that will delight shoppers plus exclusive privileges more than 5 million baht, from 26 Jan to 26 Feb 2024.

Don't miss out! Witness the “8 Marvelous Auspicious Events of the Dragon Year”. Elevate your luck and prosperity while creating lasting impressions throughout the Chinese New Year festivities in 2024.
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202428 日至 11 日期间,于暹罗百丽宫M层广场举办“2024年暹罗百丽宫金色繁荣最强龙年春节活动,一同欢庆春节,隆重迎接龙年。


奇迹 1:高声尖叫,接收来自亚洲知名艺人带来的春节祝福。

2024210日:Mai-Davika HorneGulf - Kanawut Traipattanaphong / 创亚洲(Chuang Asia10名女学员亮相

奇迹2:与6米高的巨型粉彩龙艺术模型‘Tranquil Serenity Dragon’合影,由美国世界级艺术家AnchorballKen Kelleher设计。

奇迹3:于暹罗百丽宫广场穿越72米长的荣耀龙隧道和The Jewel Zone的吉祥金龙增添吉祥。

奇迹4:参拜来自香港著名车公庙的复制品,总高5米。准备好接收车公庙金箔,由Khatha Chinnabanchorn 泰国著名算命大师亲自恭请并举行参拜仪式。



奇迹72024 216 日至 23 日在3层的Living Gallery区域隆重举行“Siriwattana关爱残疾人慈善算命活动,体验大师算命。


千万不要错过!暹罗百丽宫推出隆重庆祝龙年春节的八大特别体验,为您增添吉祥和福顺,给您带来2024 年传统春节难忘的体验。

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